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Porsche Specialist Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPIs)

With over 30+ years of pre-purchase inspection experience, our expert Porsche mechanics can give you the peace of mind you need to make an informed decision.

Looking at buying a Porsche but don’t want to be stuck with a lemon? Bring it in to one of our Porsche specialists for a pre-purchase inspection. Whether you’re planning to upgrade to a custom Porsche build, or just need a reliable daily driver… a Chariots of Simcoe Porsche mechanic can provide you with the answers you need.

Diagnosing issues without the expert knowledge of a Porsche specialist is hard. Porsche service excellence includes pre-inspection. Our Porsche mechanics will let you know if it’s a good or bad idea to purchase any vehicle you’re considering. Allowing you to focus on the purchase decision first, and the maintenance second.

Fixed-Price Porsche Servicng

Looking for additional services? At Chariots of Simcoe, we offer fixed-price servicing packages on all Porsche models, all performed by factory-trained Porsche technicians. Learn more about our services and prices or get in touch today!

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Why Should I Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Like any used vehicle, if it’s not a brand-new Porsche model – you’ll want to know what you’re buying. With a pre-purchase inspection, a Porsche specialist can help you identify and estimate any potential Porsche service costs and repairs you will likely need to maintain the vehicle. 

Even though our Porsche mechanics are friendly, you don’t want to be visiting them every other week with a new problem. That’s why it’s a great idea to pay for a pre-purchase inspection once instead of paying to service your Porsche multiple times because you didn’t get it pre-inspected.

Why Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection From a Chariots Of Simcoe Porsche Specialist?

Whether you’re a new Porsche enthusiast, or an experienced one… you probably know that a Porsche Mechanic who specializes in Porsche service and maintenance is always better than a general auto technician.

At Chariots of Simcoe you’ll be working directly with extremely experienced Porsche specialists that wouldn’t call themselves anything other than a Porsche mechanic. Thanks to our small shop size, you’re also getting personalized service (just like a custom Porsche) from the moment you enter the building.

2.7L Carrera 1973 Porsche engine
Is your engine knocking?

Does your Porsche need an engine rebuild due to damage or are you looking to enhance its performance level? At Chariots of Simcoe, we specialize in engine rebuilds for all Porsche models. Contact us today for a free engine rebuild estimate. 

How Do I Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Bring the Porsche you’re looking to purchase to Chariots of Simcoe after calling us to book time with a Porsche specialist. Then, if you haven’t already previously discussed the Porsche service you need, we will identify what you’d like to include in the pre-purchase inspection.

Every pre-purchase inspection conducted by a Porsche mechanic includes an 111 point inspection and a CARFAX report. Giving you a variety of detailed information about the vehicle. Afterwards, both you and our Porsche specialists will have a thorough understanding of the service history, recalls, accidents, and even liens that the Porsche has been through.

How Much Will Your Pre-Purchase Inspection Cost?

At Chariots of Simcoe, pre-purchase inspections start at $599. Porsche service prices vary depending on the model. Please contact one of our certified Porsche mechanics for additional information or to schedule your pre-purchase inspection today!

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