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About Chariots of Simcoe

Chariots of Simcoe is an independent Porsche specialist based in Orangeville, Ontario. Our qualified Porsche mechanics provide expert Porsche service, custom Porsche builds, maintenance, and advice for your vehicle.

We provide Porsche services for all Porsche builds no matter the year or model. Our Porsche mechanics are just as passionate about your vehicle as you are. Chariots of Simcoe Porsche specialists use only the latest tools and diagnostic equipment, so you know your assets are receiving the highest standards of Porsche service available.

We offer a wide selection of Porsche services ranging from a 111 point inspection and safety check, all the way to a custom Porsche engine rebuild. You already know it’s a bad idea to open your hood to strangers, bring your vehicle to a certified Porsche specialist you can trust. Contact a friendly Chariots of Simcoe Porsche mechanic today!

Fixed-Price Porsche Servicng

Looking for additional services? At Chariots of Simcoe, we offer fixed-price servicing packages on all Porsche models, all performed by factory-trained Porsche technicians. Learn more about our services and prices or get in touch today! 

2.4L Carrera 1973 Porsche engine
Our Founder, Sati, working on a Porsche
911 Engine and Chasis
Is your engine knocking?

Does your Porsche need an engine rebuild due to damage or are you looking to enhance its performance level? At Chariots of Simcoe, we specialize in engine rebuilds for all Porsche models. Contact us today for a free engine rebuild estimate. 

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