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5 Best Ontario Road Trips to Take in Your Porsche

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

If you’re a Porsche owner or thinking about owning a Porsche… chances are you aren’t dreaming about taking your vehicle into the nearest Porsche mechanic. Most people think about road trips in a 911 instead of a Porsche 911 repair.

Ontario is home to some of the most beautiful scenic routes in Canada. If you’re looking for a road trip that will take you through some of the most picturesque landscapes in the province, then you’re in luck! (And if you’re looking for a destination on the way, Chariots of Simcoe in Orangeville can service any Porsche upgrades or repairs you might need!) Here are some of the best road trips to take in your Porsche:

Ontario Porsche Road Trip Planner

1. The Muskoka Lakes Tour

The Muskoka Lakes Tour is one of the most popular road trips in Ontario. This scenic route takes you through some of the most beautiful lakes and forests in the province. If you haven’t already been to Muskoka region, then this is the road trip for you. Cruising through these heavily forested winding roads and highways during the peak of autumn is something every Porsche enthusiast should experience at least once. Just imagine the blur of orange, red, and yellow as you speed around the 80km long Lake of Bays loop.

2. The Niagara Parkway

The Niagara Parkway is another popular road trip destination in the province to enjoy. Driving this 55km route will take you down the Niagara River ending with the world-famous natural wonder that is Niagara Falls. Think you’ve seen enough waterfalls in your lifetime? If you’ve yet to visit Niagara Falls, then you’ve still got 1 more to add to your list. It’s a big one! Visit in the summer to enjoy local farmers’ markets filled with fresh apples, peaches and more. Don’t forget to try some ice wine too! It’s a regional treat that you can’t get anywhere else.

Porsche specialists road trip

3. Kawartha Lakes Scenic Drives

Your Porsche will love you for this one. Or should we say these four? Depending on your mood (or your Porsche’s mood) Kawartha Lakes has 4 different road trips to enjoy. Got a full tank to burn? The purple route is a 156km loop chock full of historic destinations and places to grab a bite to eat. Not a fan of loops? Then the red route might be better suited to you and your Porsche’s preferences. This 72km drive cuts into the middle of a lake and takes you through Bobcaygeon (made famous by the Tragically Hip Song for those of you familiar with Canadian bands). Fan of rural farm scenery? The 62km long orange route should scratch that itch. Need a place to stretch your legs halfway through the drive? The 57km green route takes you straight to an amazing trail with a bridge and a view. Up for a challenge? Why not drive them all at once!?! Just be sure you’ve brought your Porsche in for service before you get carried away!

4. The Bruce Peninsula

Crystal clear blue water isn’t just in Cancun, you can also see it in Ontario! Stretching from Blue Mountain in Collingwood (or Kincardine depending on your start point) to Tobermory where the flowerpot islands and ferry port to Manitoulin Island is. The Bruce Peninsula is a fun drive in any Porsche model. The insanely clear waters of Georgian Bay are a site to behold during the summer months. If you’ve got a long weekend to spare in July or August, you need to take your Porsche on this road trip if you haven’t already done so!

If you’re planning on taking your Porsche on one of these drives and live in the Greater Toronto Area, it’s important to make sure that your car is in good condition before hitting the road. Finding a reliable Porsche mechanic or repair shop near you can help ensure that your car is ready for your next adventure. Chariots of Simcoe is a great option for anyone within an hour drive of Orangeville. Our expert Porsche specialists can prepare your vehicle for anything you need or are curious about. Give us a call at (519)-307-9116, or contact us here for more information.

5. Road Trips Near Peel Region

BONUS: We asked our Porsche mechanics what their favourite local drives around the shop were and here were the results:

  • Hockley Valley

  • Mono Cliffs

  • Airport Road

  • Forks of the Credit

Chariots of Simcoe Porsche mechanic shop is located in downtown Orangeville, Ontario providing Porsche service, Porsche repair, Porsche upgrades, and free estimates for Porsche specialists, owners, and enthusiasts in Canada. Give us a drive today!


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