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7 Bucket-List Worthy Ontario Road Trips For Your Porsche

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of your Porsche hugging the curves of a winding road. That’s why our Porsche mechanics put together this list! These routes offer a mix of challenging drives, long curves, and interesting stops along the way. Ideal for your next adventure after a quick Porsche service or repair. Here are 7 must-drive routes:

must-drive road trips in Ontario

1. Southwood Road, Muskoka

This might be the most well-known road in cottage country. 26 kilometers of wall-to-wall turns. The section through the Torrence Barrens is particularly spectacular. Keep an eye out for motorcycles in warmer weather!

2. Calabogie Road & Centennial Lake Road, Ontario Highlands

Zig-zagging through the wild side of Ontario’s Highlands, this day trip favourite makes Porsche owners in the east end of the province a lucky bunch. It's a 4 hour drive from Chariots of Simcoe Porsche mechanics in Orangeville - so make this one count if you're far away.

Best Ontario roads for Porsche

3. Highway 560, Northeastern Ontario

Turns and solitude, this is as remote as it gets. You will find both gas and traffic in short supply. The only fuel guarantee is at the Hwy 144 turn off and in New Liskeard so this one requires a bit of planning. Unless you "know your Porsche". Then you don't need emergency petrol, right?

4. Highway 129, Algoma

Following the shores of the Mississagi River, Highway 129 is as visually spectacular as it is fun. It’s part of the Grand Algoma Tour, one of the most renowned motorcycle touring loops in Ontario. So be sure to pencil in a weekend and prepare to share the road on warmer days.

Ontario road trip ideas for your Porsche

5. Snake Road, Burlington

Snake Road in Burlington is aptly named for its snaking path. This road winds its way down the Niagara Escarpment, offering a series of curves that are sure to delight any Porsche driver. Occasional glimpses of Lake Ontario make this a visually appealing drive. Maybe stretch your legs on a hike through the Bruce Trail while you're there!

6. Blue Mountain Drive, Grey County

Blue Mountain Drive in Grey County offers a mix of straightaways and winding sections, allowing you to experience the full range of your Porsche’s capabilities. The road offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside and Blue Mountain itself. Bring your skis or snowboard in the winter for a full day of fun... but save some energy for the drive home.

7. Forks of the Credit Road, Caledon

Forks of the Credit Road in Caledon is a popular route for driving enthusiasts. This road offers a series of twists and turns, dips and climbs, making it a fun and challenging drive. The beautiful natural scenery of the Credit River Valley adds to the overall experience. Plus it's only a 15 minute drive from the Chariots of Simcoe Porsche specialist shop!

Remember, no matter where your travels take you, Chariots of Simcoe is here to provide top-notch Porsche service and Porsche repair. Our team of Porsche mechanics and Porsche specialists are always ready to ensure your vehicle is in peak condition for your next road trip.

Chariots of Simcoe Porsche mechanic shop is located in downtown Orangeville, Ontario providing Porsche service, Porsche repair, Porsche upgrades, and free estimates for Porsche specialists, owners, and enthusiasts in Canada. Give us a drive today!


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