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4 Uncommon Porsche Service Tips from a Porsche Specialist

Updated: Jan 25

Porsche service is relatively straightforward. Aside from these 7 Shockingly Common Porsche Repairs No One Tells You About. The average Porsche mechanic will say: "As long as you...

  • practice regular Porsche maintenance

  • use genuine OEM parts

  • pay attention to tires

...and keep your vehicle clean with the fluids topped up, you'll be relatively fine." What about uncommon knowledge that only a Porsche mechanic with over 30 years of experience is likely to mention though? Here are four lesser-known Porsche service and repair tips that can enhance your Porsche ownership experience.

uncommon Porsche service tips

1. The Charm of Older Porsche Models

Older Porsche models have a unique charm and character that sets them apart.

"The problem we have these days is the modern Porsche engineers that are designing new engines haven't got a clue that things are going to fall apart. How are Porsche technicians supposed to fix or replace pieces in a reasonable timeframe!" - Sati (Chief Mechanic)

Understanding the quirks and features of these models can greatly enhance your ownership experience. For instance, the air-cooled engines in older Porsche models require different maintenance practices compared to newer, water-cooled Porsche engines.

Air-Cooled Porsche Engines

Air-cooled engines, used in Porsche models until 1998, rely on natural or forced airflow over the engine’s exterior to cool it down. They have metal cooling fins and large fans to increase the surface area for heat dissipation. Here are some key points about maintaining air-cooled Porsche engines...

  • Simplicity: Air-cooled engines are simpler and lighter, leading to reduced maintenance costs.

  • Heat Management: These engines tend to run hotter, which can decrease engine life and increase noise.

Water-Cooled Porsche Engines

Water-cooled engines, used in modern Porsche models, use a liquid coolant to transfer heat away from the engine. Here are some key points about maintaining water-cooled Porsche engines...

  • Complexity: These engines are more complex, leading to higher maintenance and repair costs.

  • Temperature Control: Water-cooled engines offer better temperature control, which can increase durability and fuel efficiency.

  • Potential Failures: These engines are susceptible to failures like leaks

Porsche over rev report

2. The Over Rev Report: An Underutilized Tool

The Over Rev Report is a feature available in Porsche models starting from the 986 and 996. This report logs instances where the engine has been over-revved. This helpful report can be crucial for maintaining the health of your engine and preventing costly Porsche repairs in the future. The 987, 997, 981, and 991 models can record ignitions in 6 different ranges.

3. The Art of Paint Care

Porsche’s unique paint finishes require special care. Don't let that shine fade! Regular waxing is essential. Also, consider using a paint protection film. This thin layer of vinyl protects your car’s paint from chips, scratches, and those pesky elements!

Porsche service tips

4. The Nuances of Tire Pressure

Tire pressure can significantly affect your Porsche’s performance. While specific tires may vary, a good rule of thumb is that your Porsche tire pressure should be around 34 PSI in the front and 39 PSI in the rear. Regularly checking and adjusting your tire pressure can improve handling, fuel efficiency, and tire lifespan.

Remember, owning a Porsche is a journey. Every journey is unique! These tips gleaned from decades of experience as a Porsche mechanic can help you on your Porsche ownership journey for the foreseeable future.

Chariots of Simcoe Porsche mechanic shop is located in downtown Orangeville, Ontario providing Porsche service, Porsche repair, Porsche upgrades, and free estimates for Porsche specialists, owners, and enthusiasts in Canada. Give us a drive today!


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